Sunday, 18 August 2013

Aftereffects of watching 'The Conjuring'

After a failed attempt to watch 'mama' at home with my cousins. 'We' collectively decided to watch a nice horror movie in the theatre so that we can avoid distractions like raks. And my baby cousin suggested 'The Conjuring'.

And I booked the tickets for the most scariest movie ever to hit the screen. I told raks that I was going to the doctor and she pointed out that this was my second visit since last week (the first one was for the movie chennai express). I met my cousins, a brother and sister duo at the theatre dutifully sent by their parents and doting grandparents with vibhuti and kum-kum on their forehead to ward off the 'Pei' (ghost in tamil) and its effects.

We ootify pei, pisasu and bootham...
My baby cousin and my sister had already decided to sit in the middle which relegated my other cousin and myself flanking them on the side. And the movie began... amidst much cat calls, giggles, hooting and 'pei' music to which I contributed my vocal cords too.

The movie began auspiciously with the death of the dog. When the Warrens come on the scene, they pose a question as to what exactly that they do, and numerous answers came from the audience that ranged from, 'We are guddugudupandi', "we ootify pei, pissasu, bootham etc,'.

Clap! Clap! Who's there?
The hide and clap game played by the Perron girls was the highlight of the movie where the 'pei' joins them for some fun. And what should be a long horrifying game becomes a joke when the audience started clapping trying to outdo the 'pei'. 

By the time, the Warren couple land in the haunted house, my sister and cousin are watching through half eyed, horrid expressions resulting in sudden grabbing of my arm and intermittent cries of 'ayyo', 'aiyayyo'. When the interval lights come up, both the girls are scared to get up from the seats but nature's call intervenes and my sister announces that she might just push off home.

The second half was more scarier than ever which resulted in the accidental spilling of sauce on my cousin's new t-shirt. By the time, the movie was over, we were all planning to watch a hard-core comedy movie before we sleep off.

10 PM in the night

After a spirited discussion about the pei's activities over watsupp and my brother-in-law's threat (which I will put in here verbatim) - "If any one takes my wife out for pg13 rated or pg rated movie again, they get to keep her for two days." we settled down to sleep.

Raks had already slept by then, after a tiring day spent running about with her friends. And I waited for my husband to come home. 


Why does my upstairs neighbor move furniture during the dead of the night? Or could it be something other worldly...

I tried to distract myself with something as mundane as a romance novel but raks scared the living daylights off me when she suddenly got up just as Cindy did when the 'pei' comes into her room and I almost threw my book out.

"I want to go to bathroom." she said sleepily

And how do I confess to my five year old that I am scared to go. So muttering hanuman chalisa verses, we went to the bathroom. 

After about half hour, I saw the sound bite that my cousin had sent and thought to distract myself with it and it turns out to be a 'record of claps' which almost made me scream. And around midnight, my cousin in UK sends a message to check out how we were coping with the horror movie aftereffects. 

And I settled down to a disturbed sleep with flashes of stills running from the movie and to a better effect, my brain seems to have added stills from other movies, that had equally scared me, 'Poltergeist', 'Exorcist' 'The Ring' etc.  

So to conclude, I think I had enough of 'A' and 'R' rated movies for a while and for a couple of weeks, I am only resolved to watch Chota Bheem, Barbie and TeleTubies.

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