Monday, 14 October 2013

Jodha Akbar according to Raks

For the past ten days, thanks to Navrathri gollu, we are unable to go near the TV or the DVD player.  With result, we had to watch the same DVD whenever we got bored with Chota Bheem.

And we watched Jodha Akbar movie so many times that Raks could tell her own version of the movie. Here is a mini movie version as per her understanding...

Raks: This is Jodha. She is a princess who has lot of jewels. And she even wears most of it to bed. Someone should tell my mom about it.

Raks: This is Jalal. He is a prince. He wears lot of jewels stares angrily at Jodha sometimes. And he wears a salwar kameeze! (giggles)

Raks: Jodha comes to jalal's palace after marriage on a elephant and my favourite scene was when she put her hand on the red coloured water and put her imprint on the wall and then kicked a vessel full of rice. 

And I got shouted at when I tried to the same with the rice bucket that my grandma keeps at home. And my mom shouted herself hoarse and spent two hours washing the wall near the TV, where I had put my imprint with sketch pen colour on my hands.  So now I do this in the bathroom after washing my hands with soap.

Raks: Now Jodha makes lunch for Jalal but her ketta mamiyar asks her to eat it first.

Raks: Such a big plate for the feast and so many items to eat. I hope my mom doesn't get any ideas after seeing this.

Raks: Jodha and Jalal fight. I guess it is because she forgot to put the salt in the food.

Raks: They forget their 'katti' after Jodha promises not to cook

New words learnt today: In the movie if you say 'Ekanth' or 'takliya', people leave you alone in the room. And when I was rummaging in my mother's cupboard to get the red dupatta, I shouted 'Ekanth' but it didn't work. Maybe she doesn't understand hindi.

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