Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Raks and the baby

I know I have been away from this space for many months now (you can throw those brickbats at me. I totally deserve it.) But it is quite difficult to function like an octopus. With one hand on work commitments and the other hounding bloggers to contribute their lessons and translating Ponniyin Selvan and having nightmares about tamil spellings.)

If you are wondering about the 'baby' in the title of the blog and trying to connect it with my disappearance from Musing - you are wrong. No. I haven't had a second baby, though my niece did. And consequently Raks has become a certified aunt (I am not going to divulge what I have become).

Coming back to the baby. Here is a list of reactions that Raks gave out right from its birth -

5 hours after birth - It's a girl! It's a girl. Now I can do makeup for her....

8 hours after birth - I am going to show the papa my new nail polish and trying to wear three different shades at the same time (reasoning was that we have ample fingers and toes for all shades)

9 hours after birth - Papa! Look at my new nail polish. Check out my favourite skirt. Do you like my hair style...

One day after birth - Why is papa not looking at me?

Two days after birth - Give the papa back to her mother. Don't pick her up (This directive was for me...) Give the papa on my lap. I want to take her walking (eyes rolling... Raks she is not a dog...)

Four days after birth - What does aishu do with the papa when she closes the door? Can we give papa my favourite gooday cookie? No. Chocolate. No. Kinder Joy. Emphatic No.... Papa wants only milk! (Horrified expression!). Yes. Yuck!

Five days after birth - No one is giving papa to me (general wailing) for which my mother-in-law listed the number of babies that she had taken care of including herself. And her reply to this was... well I have taken care of many babies too - Two Ganeshas, one Krishna, two hanuman and two barbies...

Ten days after birth - I have a couple of options - Rosie, Lily, Teressa... Which name do you like?

Eleven days after birth - Why is no one giving the papa in my hand? I can carry the baby too (even while she was holding the barbie doll upside down by the hair)

Twelve days after birth - I will do make up for the papa. Wait... wait... Let me get the makeup kit.... (after a short while that involved a few acrobatic maneuvers to get to the top shelf and take the make up kit that I had camouflaged behind an old cardboard box) she hurried to the room in top speed only to find the papa drinking milk. How can you always drink milk? Don't you want to do make up?

Fifteen days after birth - Where is the milk coming from? Is the papa drinking bournvita like me? Why does it like the milk so much? (and a million more questions about the mystery milk)... I want to bathe the papa... I want to show Chota Bheem to it... I want to rub oil to it.... I want to tell stories... Oh no! Papa is again drinking milk...(boring!)

After almost a fortnight of watching and observing Papa, she remarked, "Papa is quite boring Mummy. Why does it drink milk all the time? At least Barbie papa does make up with me."

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