Friday, 11 July 2014

When Raks tried to hypnotize

Raks trying to hypnotize us
While I was writing something very important, she came all the way to my desk on her tippy toes and slid a hand to grab the audio dock. While I pretended that she was invisible, she proceeded with her plan.

"Your eyes are getting heavy."

"You are feeling sleepy."

"You will only listen to me now."

While I struggled to keep a straight face, I was also curious to know as to what she is going to turn me into. So I pretended to fall asleep. Man! Her gleeful expression at my hypnotized state was worth it all.

She thought for a while as to what to hypnotize me and decided on a dog.

"You are a dog."

"You will bark as a dog."

And since her hypnotizing has worked so very well, I started barking. After barking for a couple of minutes, I came out of the hypnotic state and asked, "What happened?"

With a bemused smile, she patted my shoulder and said, "Mummy, you have been working so hard. You just fell asleep because I gave you a massage." Saying thus, she tried to massage my neck, while I pretended not to notice her ecstatic expression that declared, "Eureka! Experiment successful! Let me try it out on other people now."

So while her father was reading the paper, she formulated her plan. Since I had hidden the audio dock from further hypnotizing experiments, she had to make do with a brinjal that had a long stem.

She slowly inched towards him with the brinjal hidden behind her back and proceeded to charm him.

"Appa, what are you doing?"

"Reading paper."


Then with some studied deliberation she brought out the brinjal and proceeded to hypnotize him.

"Your eyes are getting heavy."

"You are feeling sleepy."

"You will only listen to me now."

Since I had forewarned him about her latest experiment, he quickly caught on and got hypnotized. Was she ecstatic or what? 

"Appa, you are a duck."

"You are going to quack like a duck."

So he quacked, rather violently that made her change her intensity of hypnotism. Swinging the brinjal rather hurriedly she said, "Duck, quack slowly."

So he quacked slowly. She looked as if she had achieved her life's achievement.

Now that the experiment with hypnotism was successful, she proceeded to try it out on her grandparents which didn't work. I don't think she was much disappointed by it because she believed that she had her parents under thumb (literally!).

It was a day rather like any other school day where I had scheduled about two hours in the evening for reading, homework and writing.  In the meanwhile,  she had successfully extracted the audio dock from the hidden hollows of my desk draw, while she pretended to sharpen her pencil at my desk. Armed with her powerful astra, she came and tried to hypnotize. This time around, it was not about ducks and dogs. It was truly about survival.

"Your eyes are getting heavy."

"You are feeling sleepy."

"You will only listen to me now."

I pretended to be hypnotized, all because I was curious about what she would make me do now. 

"You will do my homework now."

"You will put the TV now for me."

Aha! Very clever indeed. Was she in for a surprise or what when her hypnotizing failed and I made her do the homework. She shook her head a couple of times and tried to check my eyes. After the homework amidst much sighs, she wanted to watch Ninja Hatori to perfect her ninja techniques that included lessons in hypnotizing.