Friday, 6 June 2014

Random Musings with Raks

With the summer holidays winding down, there are precisely five days to school. And I do confess, I am counting the days, when the school would reopen though I have been sporting a long look for her benefit, whenever we hear the words 'school and reopening'.

When you are working from home, you might as well take a holiday with the kid when the school closes for summer. I almost did but then I couldn't.

Now imagine me, sitting there thinking furiously as how to 'landscape a beach house' (an article for a client) and here she was, "Amma! I have changed my mind."

"Softscape...hardscape... local plants... what? What have you changed?"

"I don't want to be a teacher when I grow up. I want to be ninja."

Ding.. Ding.. Ding.. Ding...

I forced my mind back into landscaping but soon found Oggy's Shah Rukh Khan voice streaming through the brain followed by Shakthi Kapoor and Paresh Rawal.

"Billae... Kaha hai tu"

"Mummy.. what does billae mean?"

I was rescued from Oggy's mindless chatter by an advertisement, when raks made a momentous announcement that rendered me obsolete and redundant.

"Mummy! I know how to change channels."

Drat it! Now she does need me anymore to do the honours.

Chota Bheem and his gang of friends were rescuing someone amidst basic lessons of a kathakalli dance. Raks rushed inside to don some make up (lots of powder on the face and the rest on the mirror) and tried to recreate a very scary eye make up. For the next ten minutes, I was treated to a kathakali + ballet + bharatnatyam mix performance and whenever she traced my eyes lolling back to the laptop, she rolled eyes and gave a scary stare. I diligently clapped and was rescued by an ad.

"Thapad padega Henry!"

"What is Thapad amma?"


After switching off the TV with some ingenious maneuvers from my end, I settled her down with a book, hoping that I could write at least two more lines.

"Mummy! I don't want to be a Ninja."

"Landscaping... what to plant? Are they available in India... Stupid google..."

"Mummy! I want to be a astronaut."

"Huh! Astronaut. ok. Great. Now read your book."

"Mummy! Look at me. I am space walking..."

Yes. With my dupatta tied to the end, she was moon walking on the bed.

"Mummy! Let's play monopoly."

"Mummy! Let's go to the park."

"Mummy! Let me tell you the story of when oggy married olly."

"Mummy! I am practicing ballet, please play swan lake."

I chanted my private mantra, 'five more days and blissful school' and crushed a private dream (where I had a magneto type of helmet on that aided me to work with a TV that was blasting away) and closed my laptop after setting an alarm for 5 AM next morning.  That just about sums up what we did this summer.

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