Friday, 20 September 2013

Ghost House Tour

This is a blog long overdue that I have been meaning to write and I didn't know that my sister was waiting to see it posted. So this one is for you sis!

About a fortnight ago, we celebrated our anniversary. No nothing fancy like a romantic dinner or a day at the beach or a movie. We just went to Phoenix Mall, the newly opened huge complex near my mom's house for some window shopping, real shopping and because Raks wanted to give us heart attacks by hiding behind the clothes, so that we could frantically search up and down the shop.

The first thing that we did was shop, while Raks and my husband waited outside. Ok. It was not as bad as that. We are not shoppers who take about five or six hours to pick up a kurta. We managed to get what we wanted within two hours flat. It could have taken an hour but these days, we both are hovering between size M and size L and since nothing in between has been invented yet we had to make up our mind as to what to get.

And while we were pondering the question of size, raks had done the following things -

  • Expressed her wish to visit Funcity about a million times
  • Tried to look under the trial room door to check if I am there and inadvertently scared an aunty who was trying out a bra
  • Introduced herself to all the girls in the women's section
  • Discovered that they had a section full of accessories 
After much coaxing, threats and blackmail we managed to talk her out from buying five sets of earrings, three packs of dora accessory (which we already had in various states of repair) and three set of cute purses which I was inclined to agree upon. But husband was no where in sight so after looking at the latest SMS from the bank, we managed to come out of the shop, accessory free.

Next I wanted to buy a gift for my husband, so I somehow managed to talk him into taking raks to the fun world while I quickly made my way into Bodyshop. And by the time, I was back in Fun world, Raks had already made friends with three boys with whom she was exchanging notes about the latest Chota Bheem movie.

We managed to bring her out of the jumping see saw and took her for a ride on the train and the whale. And finally we were ready to leave, and my husband and I exchanged looks. Last time we took her to Funcity, we had to carry her out bodily while she kicked and screamed and  we tried to look and act like the parents that we really were, rather than a child kidnappers.

Well she threw up the usual tantrums and declared that we were very bad people as we tried to hassle her out of the place. And she gave us the cold shoulder and a perpetual frown until we came to 'Pei Veedu' (ghost house).

Hmmm, now that is something new and we haven't seen it elsewhere so we paid up to enter. As we bought tickets, my husband tried to make small talk asking what is there inside. But the giggling receptionist didn't give us a clue and we stepped inside the dark room. And Raks screamed. And my sister wisely decided to babysit her outside. Though on the hindsight, I think she was too proud to say she was scared so she opted out quite nobly stating that she might as well leave us 'the anniversary couple' alone. 

We went ahead in the dark and I had to clutch my husband's hand because I stumbled on the stairs. They had some interesting exhibits to scare people with, dinosaur, witch's head, dead body replica, vampire, medusa look alike with some 'pei' music (which was quite amusing).

While we turned towards the stairs, we could see shadows standing there. Nothing dramatic. It was just employees of the set up, dressed up in suits (which I am pretty sure were normal teddy bear ones) to scare us. And we went past them laughing until someone bumped on us literally. No it was not a 'pei' (ghost) but just another guy who had entered the house to get scared. And by the looks of it, the residents had managed to scare the poor guy, so much so that he stuck onto us during the last leg of the house tour.

While I was giggling uncontrollably, my husband tried to bolster the guy's courage for the next turning where the same 'teddy bear' suited guys were surely there. As we climbed up the steps, they stepped ahead 'holding hands' (this is a bit too much actually! whose anniversary is it? btw huh!). And as predicted the teddy bears fell on us and the guy who joined us was almost ready to hug my husband out of fear. We exited laughing and found two curious cats outside waiting anxiously for us. 

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