Friday, 27 September 2013


No! This isn't a movie review as I am yet to watch it. This is about the lunchbox that I prepared very lovingly for raks!

When the school year started, I was happy that I would get more hours to work before she came back from school but I was also worried  whether she would eat the lunch at school.

And so I started the research, what does an average five year old like in her lunchbox?

My google searches read thus, "Kids + Healthy + nourishing + interesting + tasty + quick + vegetarian snack recipes for kids.


Fluffy, wafer thin butter rotis and parathas with a healthy dose of butter and ghee...and it came back home intact.

Bread Butter Jam

Now who can resist the softness of white bread with tasty mixed fruit kissan jam on one side and utterly butterly delicious amul butter on the other...and I found that she had licked the jam out of the bread and tried to do the same to the butter and the bread came back intact albeit in pieces.


A new cuisine which I tried amidst acerbic comments from MIL. And it was quite yummy, though I say it so myself. Mildly spiced with oregano, my tomato based pasta didn't come back home intact. And I was glad to have found a recipe that raks finally approved and went about with a chip on my shoulder until she revealed accidentally that her classmate ate it.


Yummy cheese grated to perfection with tomatoes and cucumber. And I kept a liberal portion of tomato sauce to tempt her and she brought it back sans sauce and I added more calories to my person by consuming it.

And so I tried out, Poha, bread upma, apple sandwich, rava upma, wheat upma, idli, dosa. Some came back intact while I found some hidden inside the four side pockets of her bag!

And after exhausting every option, I gave her something that I used to take along to my school. That's because I didn't have time to whip up a delectable meal one busy morning.

I gave her curd rice and vatha kozhumbu and I didn't even bother to check whether she finished it or not because I was 100% sure, it would all come back. My domestic maid noticed it first and informed me that 'papa' has finished her lunch. So the first thing that I did was check the pockets of the bag but no sign of curd rice anywhere. Next I checked with her teacher and found out that she had indeed eaten it all!

This just proves that no matter what cuisine you dish out, a tambrahm will finally eat curd rice. 

PS: The above statement however does not apply for my sister and cousin.

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