Thursday, 31 October 2013

5 Challenges I Face Everyday As A Writer

Since I am busy with diwali shopping, gorging on sweets and generally trying to look to busy in the kitchen, there won't be any new blogs until the diwali is done celebrating. Until then do check out my entry for IFW Blogging contest that won the second place -

Sometime ago, I wrote a light-hearted blog about the mystery of my profession. Many found it funny, some shared their own experiences, while some actually came back and asked, ‘Oh! I didn’t know that you write. So what do you write?”

I get stumped every time someone asks this question and a slideshow of the projects that I have worked so far goes through my brain throwing keywords like; toilet bowls, adult nappies, how to travel to Machu Pichu? What to gift that pesky cousin?

Working freelance is not a breeze and nor is it glamorous by any stretch of imagination. Here is my list of five challenges that I face everyday…

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