Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Hindi Serials Vs Nobita

This time around Raks and I ushered the new year at my mother's place for a change. Raks was very excited because a trip to her favourite 'amamma's house' always meant great deal of cuddling, squeezes and a chance to indulge herself in my mom's excellent cooking.

Coming to my mom's home mostly means stuffing my face with goodies like peas pattis, cauliflower parathas, peas paratha, peas soup, bisi bela bath, carrot halwa... I could just go on. And It also means that I am truly on a holiday that absolves me of any raks related responsibilities; cooking for her, checking whether she is eating or not and putting her to sleep!

So for the past two days, I have been a 'free bird', so to speak, to go out shopping, read pending books, go on a date with the husband and actually 'dress up' for a party. In the meantime, raks indulged in many of her favorite activities with her exasperated 'ammama' in tow; playing with keys which was later found under the cushions (though one of them is still missing), scattering her collection of shells and marbles all through the house, imitating my mother's pooja activities with some difference (my mom is still searching for the pooja bell), checking out her cupboards and planning future activities like checking out the top layer of cupboards once she is tall.

So on the eve of new year, we found ourselves stretched out in front of the television, with me watching a third round of 'Avatar' with a book tucked in hand. Understandably my sister was jealous, so I sent some yummy pictures and the menu of the next meal hoping to aggravate her. Raks was busy playing a temple run game in the ipad and life seemed idyllic to me.

Mom: Why can't we watch something nice for a change instead of these blue monkeys? Even after all these years, you still watch this 'blue alien' stuff?

Me: Let me tell you the story... this guy is not an alien, he is a regular human being who is linked to his avatar body... and he falls in love with...

Mom: No. I want to watch colours. Change the channel.

Since my mom can be as obstinate as her grand daughter, I changed the channel. It was the golden petal awards.

TV: And the award goes to Tina Dutta...

Me: Isn't she the one who comes in Uttaran as Icchaa?

Mom: Yes. But now she is dead. But her daughter is there. The same actress plays the daughter.

Suddenly she counted her fingers and said, "So far she has had six marriages in the entire serial. Two marriages as a mother and four marriages as a daughter."

Mom: First tapasya gets married to veer then iccha gets married to vansh, vansh dies, then tapasya and veer get divorced, then iccha gets married to veer but tapasya is pregnant, but the baby is not veer's it is rathore's then iccha has a baby that gets stolen and then she goes to jail. Tapasya gets married to veer's uncle....veer has amenesia and gets married again...

TV: Let us welcome Anup Soni and Smita Bansal on the stage...

Balika Vadhu
Me: Hey these guys come in Ballika Vadhu...

Mom: Yes. Jagiya's wife is pregnant.

Me: Which wife? He has so many

Mom: Yes. First child marriage to anandi, second child marriage to gauri, third adult marriage to gauri and finally fourth adult marriage to ganga

Me: That's not anandi... you are mistaken.

Mom: Anandi got replaced, her sister-in-law and brother-in-law got replaced, her aunt got replaced, ganga got replaced... now ganga is five months pregnant but no one knows about it.

Me: How come? Isn't her husband a doctor?

Mom: Don't ask stupid questions. Anyway now Shiv is actually not his parent's son. He is the son of his father's brother. And the brother comes back after an extended leave and amnesia... and now anandi's sister-in-law is in love with anandi's first husband but anandi's first husband is in love with the ganga whose first husband is torturing her....

Sasural Simar Ka
TV: The most emotive award goes to Simar from Sasural Simar ka

Mom: This is the most stupidest serial ever. There are two sisters and the younger sister gets married to the elder sister's husband and then again gets married to the elder sister's older brother-in-law.

Me: So she has two husbands.

Mom: No. No one knows that younger sister got married to older sister's husband so the elder sister is living with the younger sister's husband. And she can't have a baby so she gets her husband's younger brother's wife to carry the baby in her womb but she is a cheat.

Me: Ayyo! Spare me. We could have watched avatar itself instead of this nonsense.

Raks: That's why you should sit and watch chota bheem or nobita with me. There is no confusion there mummy.