Thursday, 27 March 2014

Raks and Dasavatharam Part 2

We continued the story later in the night...

"Churning for amrit is a long process....

"How long?"

"The time that you take to finish one bowl of chochos in the morning!" That got a frown from her and she bid me to get back to the story.

Poisonous vapours came out but Shiva drank them all to save the Devas. And then finally Danvanthri came holding the jar of amrit.

"What's amrit? Does it taste like Jelly?"

"Ha ha ha. It tastes like milk."

Raks was horrified. Why would anyone want to lift mountains, drop them in the ocean and churn it, to get milk in the end, of all things? She barely listened to the rest of the story when Vishnu dons the mohini avatar. To her mind, people should go through all these efforts to avoid this 'amrit'.

Next came varaha avatara but she didn't have any special insights for the divine boar. Next came Vamana. And I was waiting for her to ask the following question, "Mummy, how did he grow so big? And my answer naturally would have been the wonder milk that mother Aditi was giving him. But no, her question was, "This vamana asked for stupid things as a boon. I would have asked for a trip to fun city, a large bowl of ice cream and unlimited episodes of Doreamon."

Next came Narasimha. And this is what she says. "Mummy! What will you do if I call Narasimha when you are chasing me with the milk?"


Parashurama came and went without an incident and then Rama. While I read through the part where Ravana is waiting for lakshmana to leave the cottage in search of Rama, raks whispers to Sita. "Sita! Sita! You also go with lakshmana. Then you can fool ravana."

Ayyo! So much for culture. I think I better check out that sloka class instead.