Saturday, 10 May 2014

A blog that raks should not read...

I have been missing in action here, for some time. But until the schools reopen, a better part of my time is spent getting beaten in monopoly, chess (literally pelted with the coins) and acting as an inadvertent target to rak's archery practice. So a blog detailing about our adventures (or not) will follow next month. Until then, I am sharing a blog that raks should not read, at least until she is mature enough to laugh over it :)

When I was young and not-so worldly wise my parents would take me to the beach but not near the water, because 'Beach is closed now. It closes at 6 PM everyday'. And I believed it.

Well I don't begrudge them for lying to me, as I have given a free rein to imagination when it came to such excuses, especially with raks. I just hope that she does not find out about these, in the near future or at least until she is mature enough to forgive me -

  • The TV needs to charge for eight hours before you could watch it. 
  • After 6 PM the POGO, Cartoon Network, Sonic, Nick... etc. will not play.
  • The uncle downstairs will get very angry, if you play the 'dhol' after 10 PM. (He is stone deaf btw)
  • Bhuvana acharya will know telepathically, if you hide the breakfast in the fruit basket and claim that you have eaten it.
  • If you spoil your new t-shirt with water colours, the shop man will not sell you another.
  • The cable man will permanently remove the kids channel section if you watch TV for more than three hours.
  • Chota Bheem will come home and give you a gift, if you wear the tshirts that I had  ordered online, just for you (right after that tantrum).
  • Drinking milk will make your hair grow.
  • That maroon t-shirt came in my dreams, sad and depressed and asked you to wear it.
  • Mummy is going to the doctor, for just one hour. (an excuse that she increasingly refuses to believe, even as I write it :))
  • All toy stores are closed due to elections (that's been going on for a month now)
  • Your mother will know telepathically, if you sneak towards the fridge and take out the ice cream
  • Chota Bheem might come home one day, if you finish the lunch within one hour's time
  • We are not going anywhere near Apollo Hospital. We are done with vaccinations and injections. 
  • Appa will hand over the remote within five minutes

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