Monday, 22 July 2013

Hundred meaningless names that we call...

I have often wondered off late whether I would have been happy with any other name other than my own. Hindu religion allows you to keep three names for a child after the birth though one is selected to be the official one.

I have always been happy with my name and had never complained to my parents about it. My husband was however not happy with his, but there is nothing to be done about it either ways. And thankfully raks seems to be happy with her name. She in fact complimented my husband and myself for selecting a nice name for her. Needless to say, we were mighty pleased with ourselves.

However she does have some grouse about the other names that we call her. Namely, Gugu (principal) guguma, tinku, tinkuma, binku, binkuma, chinku, chinkuma and that dreaded name that she hates "amana#$@a" that her father insists on calling her. (apparently they have irritated every child in the family with this name!)

Though I know that we can't call her all this forever, I would however like to retain one or two to call privately even after she reaches adulthood. But she came upon me quite severely the other day and was very vociferous about her objections to every other name that we call her.

"My name is rakshah. Please please I beg you, call me that only." she said after I had accidentally called her 'tinku' in front of the upstairs boy with whom she recently fought. She kept her face stern and angry for a full one hour which made me promise that I would drop that name.

But bad habits die really hard. And I forgot myself and called her 'gugu' at her class in school and was given the cold shoulder for another hour or so and she made me write the name 'rakshah' in her notebook, a couple of times so that I could remember!

While I was slowly dropping out all the other names she came up with a name that she said that I could use. The name was 'Chitu'. But then now I had my objections to it as a very near relation was also called the same. We argued and then agreed that I could use the name at home and not in front of the original 'Chitu'. 

So that's that from mylapore today...