Saturday, 20 July 2013

Mylapore without Raks

I know many of us (at least mothers) are forever on lookout for that break where, we get to rest our vocal cords, not get stressed looking at the time and get a well-deserved break from hunting for that matching rubber band and hair band with just five minutes to spare.

I got an unexpected break (though having a surgery is not a part of my 'having a break daydream') this week and have been advised rest for a few days. With result Raks was packed off to my mother's house. (She was ecstatic to leave btw and had packed her own items!)

Let me sum up as to how the past few days have been at Mylapore -

  • TV remote and DVD remote have been at its allotted place
  • House keys, vehicle keys have not gone missing suddenly 
  • No sharp pencils or staining sketch pens on the sofa
  • No cooking set items on the table (with water and leaves, if I may add)
  • No sudden shouting or screaming (from me btw)
  • Unlimited access to the ipad for my husband (which he didn't make use of)
  • Unlimited access to the TV for my father-in-law to watch the latest cricket match that is on
  • No one has been at my make-up items while I am sleeping
  • No one sneaked into the bathroom to play with water
So on the whole, I can say it has been BORING without her. Thankfully she is back today and hopefully off to school tomorrow, so it will be back to the same routine :)