Friday, 19 July 2013

Dr. Raks to Rescue

This whole week, I have been tied to the bed, thanks to a small gyneac
surgery that I had to undergo. Raks was her usual bratty self except when she morphed into a doctor to look after me.

"Mrs. Sumeetha, Mrs. Sumeetha" said a soft professional voice

I opened my eyes and a serious looking doctor in capris and t-shirt (that read Shop till you Drop) was waking me up.


"I am Dr. Rakshah Manikandan. I am going to check you now." She said in that cute serious voice that had me smiling.

"OK Doctor." I said

"Lift your hand, I want to see your temperature." And she shoved the pencil under my armpit which hurt a bit.

"Now I will wait for one thousand minutes to pass and then I will remove the temperature (giggles from me!)" She said sternly. "Don't laugh. I am serious."

"OK. OK" I said

"Now show me your uaah. I will put a mantra on it." she said

"No I can't show the uaah. But you can still put a general mantra." I said

She went about doing just that mumbling mumbo jumbo that no one could understand. After a few minutes of mantra, she opened her eyes and said, "Amma! I will get the sanjeevani malai for you." (We have been on the Ramayana theme for some time. I guess it will continue until some other tale catches our fancy!)

Saying that she just jumped on the bed, which just scared me to bits and scooped her small star fish pillow in hand (pretty much like Hanuman) and it landed on my stomach. After that she didn't have much idea as to what to do, so she removed the pencil from my armpit and declared, "Your fever is fine. So come on get up and take me to the park."