Sunday, 14 July 2013

Raks on Stage

Things have been chaotic for a week at home. It was the school day function at Raks's Arts Academy.

A week ago, she came home and declared importantly that she has been selected to play a soldier at the dance drama. Well we were thrilled!

She went around parading with an imaginary sword with that cute serious look in her face that really tugged my heart. Her father went overboard and shopped for a toy sword, bow and arrow and a short knife. Enthused with her new weapons, she tried them all on me, with result we had to hide them away from her sight.

After many rehearsals, my husband and I were still nervous about how she will be performing. I tried to make her sing at home but she said that she forgot the lines! Worried, my husband suggested that we make her see Indian Idol kids performance to give her some confidence. (Though the music program is a group song!)

After many last minute performance and rehearsal, I left her at school two hours before the program began to get her make up done. When I went to the green room to check, I couldn't recognize her with all the make up on. And she wouldn't talk. I tried to ask her what happened. She emphatically shook her head with a 'no'.

Is she having nerves? Will she perform well? Will she freeze on stage with that frightened face? I sat her down and gave her a small talk about how getting nervous is normal but she would regain her confidence once she is on stage blah blah blah....

Just as I was getting warmed up in my speech,  she stopped me and with a supreme effort, said calmly, "Amma, I can't talk. My lipstick will go away." She said and clamped her mouth shut.