Friday, 12 July 2013

"Matching Matching" Madness

It's been exactly one month since the school reopened and we are yet to get used to same old schedule. Up at six, preparing lunch box and snacks by seven and waking Raks up. Ever since she saw Ramayana, she wants to pretend to be Kumbakarna and wants me to get the elephants to wake her up! Phew!

Questions that I face every morning -

"Who says that I have to have milk everyday morning? Is that a rule or what?"
"Why should I eat breakfast? No one is eating at this hour. So why only me?
"Why this dress? Why not that princess frock that I wore for that party? You want me to go as ugly as Surpanakha?"

While I am ready to tear my hair out, she charmingly flounces to the mirror and starts messing the hair that I had carefully groomed. We have one more year to go before we could get a uniform for her so one more year of 'matching matching' madness.

Some mornings, she is happy with my choice of dress, accessories (rubber band, hair pin, hair band, chain, bangles and matching colour shoes).  And even as I am congratulating myself on my impeccable taste, she would throw the googly on me.
That's me alright!

"My nail polish is not matching with the dress. Please remove it and put that shade."

Aaaaaaaaaah! And we just have 5 more minutes to get to the school!

One of these days, I am going to take a video of our normal school day morning and send it to Chetan Bhagat and he will have his answer as to why Indian women are so stressed.