Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ramayana with Raks

Watching Ramayana with raks today turned out be more insightful than any other book I read recently. How come kids turn out to be so smart even before they are five? I can only imagine how dumb I was, when I was her age.

Raks and I watched Ramayana (cartoon version) on her ipad. And this was the conversation we had...

Raks: Why is sita not wearing a blouse?

Hmm. I was desperately thinking up an answer for this. Why? Why? 

Me: Aha! yes. She forgot to wash it.

Raks: Wrong Answer mother. They didn't invent blouses then.

WHAT? WHAT? When did she learn the word 'invent'?

She was silent for a while and we watched kaikeyi demanding Dasarath for her two boons.

Raks: Amma! Do you remember that you promised me two things?

"Oh No! What is she going to ask?"  

Raks: You promised that you will take me to Chota Bheem movie and then you promised that we would go to fun world.

Thankfully we got distracted at this point by the arrival of Surpanakha and Ravana. As the story proceeded towards Sita's kidnapping. Raks told me that she got bit upset when she saw Ravana dragging sita.

Raks: Poor Sita! She left all her make up back in the hut. Ravana didn't even wait for her to pick them up.

I was horrified.

The story proceeded to the point where Rama is searching for Sita calling her out.

Raks: Amma! Why is he not calling her on mobile?

Me: Aha! They haven't invented it :)

She fast forwards the story to arrival of Hanuman

Raks: Amma! When will Hanunam get a heroine?

Me: Hmm now that's a thought.

We shut the ipad and settled down to sleep, when she bowled me over with the next one.

Raks: Amma! you keep telling me that I break everything, but didn't you see how even Rama broke the bow. But no one scolded him. They got him married instead.

I admit I couldn't think of a suitable answer for this one. Maybe I am still dumb. 

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