Saturday, 6 July 2013

Superman Review

While I regretted taking raks to 'Life of Pi', I was scared that she might repeat the same reaction for Superman. Thankfully Man of Steel seems to have made some impression on her. 

My Review

I know that there have been many comparisons and bad reviews but I really enjoyed the movie. (I haven't watched the last Superman movie so really can't compare.)

The movie begins in Krypton which is on verge of collapse and Jor El (Russel Crowe) (which was a surprise!) steals a codex from General Zod to send his six month old son away to earth. He infuses Kal El (Clark Kent) with the DNA of  krypton race and blasts him into space.

At this point raks was all sympathy for the baby who has to make that space journey alone.

Soon after Kal El leaves in the spacecraft, Jor El is killed by the General Zod who comes searching for the codex. Zod and his soldiers are sentenced for sedition and are crystallized by ice.

Raks thought that they were going to do tapas! That was from Amar Chitra Katha btw

Next we see a hot superman trying to work like a normal man while hiding his powers. It is impossible to do it because his impulse to save people from danger rears in all the time, exposing his real powers. Controlling his anger and his impulse all the time, he drifts from one job to another.

Raks was mighty impressed by the Superman's rescue scene but she declared that Hanuman was a tad better!

The flashback with his childhood scenes and Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Jonathan and Martha Kent seem perfect. I especially loved the tornado scene when Kevin doesn't allow Clark to show his powers to save him.

Clark is working in the Artic along with an expedition to unearth a suspicious ship from the ice. Lois (Amy Adams) makes an entry here as a reporter covering the news. She follows Clark inside the ship and discovers that he is a superman! I loved the scene where Russel crowe makes an appearance and tells him all about his birth (which was reminiscent of matrix btw)  The next 20 minutes was pure adventure as we saw superman zip around in his new uniform and ghagra!

Trouble starts when General Zod makes an appearance again demanding that Superman be given to him.

By this time, raks was demanding puff and cake. So I sent her off to bother her father :)

The second half of the movie seemed like a rip off from Matrix with Superman and General Zod thrashing around the buildings as they fall. And that earth machine making a hole on earth's atmosphere was definitely from Star Trek (latest one). The only difference in this one is that we have the man of steel zipping off saving people as they fall from a plane, helicopter or a building.

Raks had abandoned all pretense of bravado and was hiding her face on her father's lap asking us when it will end after every five minutes.

I liked the ending of the movie where Superman joins as Clark Kent. Putting those glasses on is not much of a disguise but then I don't mind coz he looks so hot!