Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No Two Just One

These days raks and I have been having weird conversations that apparently do not make sense to anybody.

For instance, today morning she told her father, "I know amma is going to put two but I like only one"

"What two and one, I will give you three?" he said

"Ayyoo!" said raks and flounced out of the room

He was intrigued with the weird one and two negotiation that raks and I have been having for some time now. But I was busy getting her snacks and lunch organized so couldn't actually explain to him. On our way out, she told her granddad, "Thatha, Please tell amma to give me only one when I come back home. I don't want two."

"What two? Amma is giving you Davalasiddhi or Nimtapayam?" 

If you think that we are talking about some exotic dish or fruit here please scroll down to see what it means.

"Ayyo! Thatha even you don't understand!"

Next she tried to enlist on her side our regular auto driver, "Mugan uncle, Please ask amma put only one tomorrow. I hate two. And tell amma that I want only one when I come back home from school." She said with a scowl. 

Now Mugan uncle couldn't make head or tail off this, so he asked me the only thing that he understood. "Is papa talking about one and two bathroom?" 

Before I could respond, raks shouted, "Ayyo! Why can't anybody understand?"

And I said to her, "Gugu! This is our language so only we will understand."

She smiled in that secret way that she reserves only for secret whispering. So officially we have a secret code language.

But since Raks doesn't read the blog, I might as well share it here -

Putting two instead of one - We are talking about putting one ponytail instead of two
I want only one instead of two - Here she wants only one bowl of rice instead of two

Davalasiddhi: A tam brahm term for spanking
Nimtapayam: A tam brahm term for butt pinching (Believe me you can scare the day lights off a tam brahm kid with just these two terms!)