Monday, 5 August 2013

A catch, a hook and a blackmail

Monday mornings always has a different feel to it. For one thing, sleep descends very heavily on all of us. Raks buries her head under the pillows pretty much like a groundhog while my husband sleeps on.. with zen like peaceful expression. Lucky guy, he never has monday blues. Raks and I are the only victims.

"Why should I get up now? No it's not monday, it's still sunday..."

Hoping against hope that my daughter is not delusional, I pull her out of the pillows with sweet words and cheery good mornings but no effect...

She manages to sleep just in any position that you prop her... Her incredible rubbery frame can be twisted to onto any little nook available for some blessed sleep. While this goes on for some time, I steel my heart and start the day's proceedings...

Every mom will testify to the fact that life with toddlers and busy six year olds is all about how effective the blackmail, hook or the catch is. There are various degrees to it.

So I go straight into the matter and say, "Hey! Let's finish that fairy tale that we left unfinished last night." There now, that's the hook. No response, instead she burrows deep inside the pillows.

"Ok how about that strawberry body wash. I will put that in the bucket and you can have a mini bubble bath." Now this is a catch (must have a stronger appeal than the hook). I thought that would do the trick but instead she kicks around hoping to get lucky.

When these two do not work, that's when I get into the blackmail mode...Ahem!

"If you do not get up, I am going to wet a towel and wipe your face with it." And she gets up straight, wide awake and mad angry.

"Why can't you cancel monday from the calendar? Who asked for monday?" With this and few more choicest rants, she would get up.

And while I thought that she would have forgotten that hook and catch, no such luck. She would immediately demand that I finish the fairy tale while she grudgingly agrees to finish that breakfast amidst much complaining. And of course that mini bubble bath...

This is how our week begin at mylapore this week...