Sunday, 25 August 2013

Wear all your jewels before your daughter is born...

There is an old adage in tamil that says, "Eat all that you want before your daughter-in-law comes home and wear all your jewelry before your daughter is born." Bah! old wives tale, I used to say but not anymore.

I don't know about daughter-in-laws who do not feed their mother-in-law but I do know of daughters who would love deprive their mother of their prized possessions. 

Raks: Amma! Look at my dress, look at its colour. Doesn't it match with those violet colored studs that you have...

She was referring  to the amethyst stone studs and pendant that I had.

Me: No Raks. That is way too heavy for you to wear

Raks: Let me just try it...

That's it. I am putting them all out of sight. So we put them back in the locker and got them out only when there is a marriage that we intended to attend.

Raks: Amma! Look at my gaghra choli. Look at this design. It looks like your diamond earring... doesn't it?

I looked at her suspiciously and didn't reply. I have long learnt never to say 'ok' to anything that she asked. (You could check my 'Never say ok' blog for the reason)

I peered at the design that she was showing and found that she was after all right. But before she could demand the diamond stud from me, I distracted her with chota bheem.

But she could be tenacious when she wants something...and i forgot to close the cupboard which was all the invitation that she needed. And by the time, I could pay the newspaper man, I didn't know that I was looted!

When I came back to the room, there was a strange gold figure sitting on the bed, who was trying balance my diamond studs on the dangler that was already on her ears. 

Needless to say, I went mad. By the time, I reclaimed my jewels and had done an inventory, tempers were running very high. And a very sorry figure came toward me with her big eyes winking for better effect. I refused to be pulled in but had to pay attention to her, when she sat on my lap on her own, while batting her eyes adorably (that's just for effect and yet I succumb to it every time) and said, "So when will you give this to me?"

I pretended not to understand and asked, "Give what?"

And the negotiations began...

First she wanted my choker. She must absolutely have it, as it is the exact same piece that Jodha wears apparently in the movie (which we have seen hundred times). Let me clarify, my small piece of jewel is but a half of one fourth of the veritable armour that Aishwarya wore for her marriage in the movie.

Next it was my long chain. She reasoned that I already wore a chain everyday on my neck and I don't really need a spare or spares. And then, she went in and put a dagger to my heart and said, "The long jhumka will suit me more than you. Anyway you are going old now no. Shall I show you your white hair?"

What? What? Since when did I get a white hair? 

I was sure that she was just fibbing about it, I meant the white hair.

For all the jewelry related entreaties, I just gave her one response.

Me: Do you want jewelry?

Raks: Yes Please

Me: Ask your father to buy it for you.

And while she went about it, I secretly took out the jewels again and tried the jhumka, to check whether I am too old to wear it and am still searching for that white hair that I had noticed the other day and had tucked it back. So until I find it again, I am not going to be too old.